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Moving by Feng shui

Yin Yang symbolFeng Shui is a way to create and accumulate good energy. Chinese (and others) believe that the energy of the environment in which human lives, has a big influence on his fate, so you should know how to tame this energy. You know that feeling in some places where you just feel calm and relaxed? According to theorists of Feng Shui this is due to the way the space was planned.

Wondering what to look for when moving and looking for a new home? Finding a favorable home or apartment is undoubtedly a key issue for anyone planning removals to a new house. Therefore, the decision should not be quick and ill-considered. So you should check your potential new place of residence in terms of appearance, functionality and quality of life. If you plan on living in a particular place for several years, it is necessary to spend in this place some time.  You should check surrounding neighborhood, who lives there, whether there is a park nearby, how people care about their homes, how they were doing, where is the nearest shop, where  is a pub or disco for young people. These, details will determine the life of the next few years, so you may want to look at them at the very beginning, before making a decision.

Feng Shui moving tips

HappinessSpace planning in accordance with Feng Shui is one thing, but what about your removals? Feng Shui rules do not talk about whether it is better to hire Oxford man and van or large removal company in Abingdon but indicate some ways to create positive energy at every stage of your moving.

First of all, a very important date - you cannot choose it just like that, you have to take into account … the phase of the moon! Moving realized in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui provides the family a happy life. Once you have selected an appropriate moving date (here with professional specialists from of positive energy), you can start looking for Oxford, Banbury or Bicester removals companies, but be aware of the following principles:

  • If possible, try to move before noon.
  • Do not move into an empty house. Entering the first time, keep in hand a valuable (associated with the richness) object. Do not enter into a new home with empty hands.
  • You shouldn’t move into the house, which is not yet completely finished. It may be allowed some adjustment of furniture, but not finishing works.
  • Pregnant women should not moving. If there is no other choice, she should not to participate in Oxford house removals, and move into the house only when everything is ready.
  • The new house is a "temple of fire." For three days before moving to a home, you should light up all the lights –during the day and night.
  • On the moving day, you should  cook or bake some sweet things, such as sweet cakes - sweet means good luck. You should also prepare refreshments for close so that your new home has gained popularity.


Harmonious Home with Feng Shui

Feng Shui living roomNice house or apartment is not everything - after all, it is located in a particular environment. Feng Shui suggests to avoid places heavily saturated yin or yang energy - cemeteries, funeral homes, hospitals, churches, transformers, high chimneys, high voltage power lines, motorways, roads that run next to the house or apartment, railway traction, undeveloped space.

Another important issue is the so-called memory wall. Not so long ago, houses or apartments were multigenerational. Today, in conjunction with other lifestyle and migration, we buy houses or apartments from strangers, buying also their story. If you are moving to an apartment, let's see how the previous owners lived here. Whether someone sell a house to move into a larger home, or because he was in debt? If the reason for the sale was the debt, it is worth checking what could cause such turbulence in the apartment. Perhaps the very nature of the owner caused the blocking of energy. However, if the tenant the property changed very often, you should be a bit more careful when deciding on the purchase of the house.

As for the house itself, certainly Feng Shui points to the benefits of parts of the world the regular shape of the housing, eliminating energy pathways door-windows, windows-windows, the liquidation of spiral staircase in the center of the house, and many other factors.

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