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Good removals plannig  and organization

Changing residence or place of work may be difficult experience for everyone. That's why you should read this short guide.

As soon as you decide that you have to move you should  begin to think and act in this direction. If  you are not in rush and have enough time, we suggest you do not wait with all preparations to the last minute. After reading  that guide you should have some ideas about some aspects of removals planning.


It is important to do some inventory so you are aware of the condition and quantity of your personal belongings. These will be the key information for the removal company. You should have it ready before your start calling local removal companies in Oxfordshire.  You should also be aware of how valuable are for you particular items as long as you are going to entrust your whole life belongings to removal company. The value of your personal stuff is also crucial to select suitable protecting materials and solutions or choose proper insurance. You have decide if you are going to take all furniture or do you want to get rid of some of them - these services are also delivered by a moving companies. Sometimes it is better to ged rid of some items and save on your relocation especially in case of international removals which can be quite expensive as long as price is based on the volume. When you shipping to Australia from Oxford such inventory may be vaery useful as some goods cab be restricted.

Moving date

CalendarIf you start looking for removal company early you should be able to obtain more favorable moving dates from service provider so you will be able to organize your house removals on the date you prefer. If you try to organize removal firm two days before the desired date, you may be disappointed that there is no availability on your preferred date. It often happens that customers are looking for companies offering house removals in Oxford in the day of the move. Fortunately, this happens with smaller movements which can be served by small Oxford man and van companies. However it is also good strategy to start looking for removal services early. Depending on the size of your relocation, you should do it of the year, month, and at least a week earlier. Sometimes it happens also that the there is a breach of contract  so you should have enough time to change the contractor.


Professional moving companies offer free of charge on-site survey if it is needed . It is clear that both customers and moving firms want to everything went as smoothly as possible, as quickly as possible, as cheaply as possible, and as most pleasant. Unfortunately inappropriate estimation of all the factors is the most common cause of later disputes, the result of which one of the parties may not be happy with the end result. The most common mistake is the lack of detailed visual inspection of the property. Customers often wants to get rates on the basis of a telephone call providing only basic and often insufficient removal requirements. There are plenty of additional aspects of relocation, which the customer is not able to think so it is why professional moving companies should offer their rates after detailed survey what can eliminate all the common causes of poor logistics layout.

Choosing good removal company

Approaching this task, you should have some basic idea about your relocation and how it should look like. Moving companies generally divided into two types: 1) man van solution - cheap removals; 2) fully professional - more expensive. So it is good idea to check both options, find at least a few removal companies from Oxford area and compare their prices and services offered. Check and compare services offered by each company – you may do it via our websites, simply by filling our quotation request form.

Packing household stuffIn general, it is semi-professional companies do not offer full removal services like packing, disassembling and re-assembling etc. Their prices may be competitive but you may not be happy from the quality of the services offered. We do not recommend you to hire unknown company and to avoid such situation we strongly recommend you to use our services as we cooperate with experienced and professional companies only. It is better fill in just one form, compare received prices than looking for it on your own and filling plenty of different forms.  It gives you the opportunity to find cheap removals solutions and in result save some money and time which you will need to prepare properly for the relocation. If you cannot find company in your are we suggest you to contact with removal companies in Abingdon or find removals in Bicester

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