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Lifting heavy objects

Moving smaller items can be quite easy and fun too. The real task starts once the moving process takes place or once the heavier stuffs start to kick in. Even the boxes if not properly handled or not lifted properly can cause several problems, injury to the carrier being one. Other things such as damage of product might also take place. This lifting up of heavy stuffs can turn to be pretty rough and tough job, but if you know the correct and safer methods to lift them, your Oxford removals can turn out to be quite simple.

How to lift boxes?

Moving boxes techniqueThe things about being safe with lifting the boxes is that you being safe with either the stuffs in the boxes, if they are fragile and delicate stuffs that is and being safe with yourself regarding all the injury issues. The safety when moving valuables or fragile stuffs can be maintained by various method such as proper wrapping of the products inside the box with some clothes or that sort so that your item inside the box won’t break and get damaged. It worth to check some guides how to pack when moving. Regarding the other issue of your injury the idea can be to make smaller boxes with less items then piling up all the heavier stuffs in one or making one large and heavy box with all the items in it.  If you make a large heavy box then they can be quite difficult to lift, which can result in creating a back problem in you which will reduce your endurance. You have to carefully check the boxes and organize them properly before you lift them. You need to have a tight grip on the boxes and using a handle in the box can be beneficial to both your physical self and your items. You need to do the work with your legs and your arms and not your back, you should not apply the load pressure to your back. Ideally would be to have some special moving trolleys or other moving equipment that are used by Oxford man with van firms.

Lifting heavy furniture

How to lift  sofa?You should make slow and steady movements while lifting the heavy furniture or the boxes and always keep your body facing toward the box while you lift and move your box, if there is change or movement in your body position then that can cause problems to your back. Other basic things are that you need to be properly ready and need to warm up nicely making your body nice and loose while lifting. You shouldn’t overdo it and lift something heavier then you can sustain. Being safe also implies looking around you carefully and being careful on every step you take. You can use other helps to lift a heavy load if it needs to be lifted using various tools.

Furniture lifting techniques

Check lifting techniques to avoid injuriesThe thing with heavy furniture’s is the same. In regards to the furniture’s though what you can do is cover them up with some fabric such as a thick piece of cloth such as bed sheets or blankets. Use those blankets to cover of the ground and you can choose the other alternative of sliding your furniture rather than lifting it. You can also use sliders for that purpose, place those sliders in the foot of your furniture and slowly drag them. This can be done for moving the furniture’s around the same floor without the stairs but when it comes to stairs you need to lift them and while lifting do not attempt to do all the lifting by yourself, seek help from other people.  You trying to lift those heavy furniture’s might result in damage of both your object and your back. You should try and carry the furniture between your waists and your shoulders to avoid damage to your back. Carefully estimate the number of people that might be required to lift the load and plan likewise.

Of course the safest way to lift those heavy objects for you would be to let somebody else lift it. Your can easily hire local Bicester or Abingdon removal companies but you yourself can be involved and get the job done correctly if you have the correct techniques. 

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