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Moving Questions and Answers

Moving questionsOver the last few  years we have been receiving a lot of questions from our clients planning their removals in Oxford.  We have collected some frequently asked questions and answers in one place to help you find required information very quickly. If you still cannot find answer to your question please contact us and we will try to answer it. Before we answer your question we always consult it with experts from Oxfordshire removal companies that we cooperate with.

How to start preparing for removals?

Each move should be well planned. During the initial planning you should take into account the quantity and type of items that need to be moved and consider the potential date of removal. With this information you can begin to search for the moving company to determine the required scope of services and the costs of removal.

How to get quotes from local movers only?

If you wish to receive offers only from companies with a particular area, simply put this information when filling out the form. Just a short note as: „I’m looking for local firms offering removals in Abingdon” or „Please provide quotes from Banbury man and van only”.

When should I start planning my move?

Relocation planningDepending on the type and complexity of the move you should start planning appropriate early. The are some important factors to consider when moving office, so it’s recommended to make it at least a month before the planned relocation, but if you move house, ideally it would be to begin planning at least a week before the move. There are situations where it is impossible to plan everything early. It should then look for companies that accept short notice removals, usually most of the Oxford man and van firms are happy to undertake it.

How long does it usually take to move a house?

Home removals typically take no more than one day. For larger commercial removals it may take a little longer, but usually no more than 3 days. However international removals are the longest, but this is due to the significant distance. In the case of moving container by sea to Australia, it can take up to couple of weeks, from the other hand Oxford shipping services are considerably cheaper than air freight.

Is it better to move fragile items on my own?

Fragile itemsThere's no need. Removal companies know exactly how to deal with such objects and all the delicate items are secured with special materials such as bubble wrap, stretch film, corrugated board. Professional drivers also ensure that all valuable items will be delivered in undamaged condition.

Can I do packing on my own?

The customer has the option of full removal service, which includes packing service or select low cost removals option and do all the packing on his own. Packaging is not too difficult, it only requires basic knowledge, proper planning and packing materials which can be bought from the company executing the move.

What are the extra service available?

Depending on your needs and budget, companies offer additional services such as dismantling and reassembling furniture, cleaning of premises after moving, unpacking service, disconnecting and connecting household appliances etc. The range is very wide – always ask your mover what you need. 

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