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Moving Library Collection

Collection of booksPacking and moving private home library collection including artworks can be very difficult and stressful. It also involves a lot of money especially if you have a lot of books in your home library because books are very expensive. If local Oxford removal company charge you per cubic weight, then you are going to spend a whole lot of money. Given this, the importance of preparation and planning cannot be overemphasised because it is the key to a successful move. Packing with the right materials and hiring a good and reliable mover are very important for smooth moving. If you plan it very well, you will not encounter any problem. Here are some of the tips that you should apply when you are moving home library collection.

Move only the essential one

Books are very heavy and moving them can cause you a lot of money especially if you are being charged per weight. So, you have to go through your library and select books that are very essential to you. You have to dash out or resell them those that you may not need in order to reduce your load. But if you can afford to pay for all your books, there is no need giving out any of them because they are highly valuable. Even if you don’t read them again, you can keep it for your children or as a legacy to your family.  

Get the right packaging material

Box for moving booksIt is important that you get the right packing material for your books. You can easily get them from your local Bicester, Abingdon removals firms. The right packing material is the one that offers maximum protection to the books against moist, mould, dirt, oil and any form of stain. A good packing material for books makes it easy for you to carry the books and load them on the trucks. In the light of the above, small boxes made of hard carbon paper or light wood are the ideal. It is not good to use big boxes. You may not be able to lift them when they are filled with paper. Using big boxes means that you will pack many books in them and as books are very heavy; their weight will be too much for you to lift. Given this, small size boxes are the ideal.

However, it is important that the boxes should be covered with bubbles or similar protective water resistance covering. The bubble wrap will act as a shock absorber. It will also protect the books from such elements as water, dust, moist, and dirt. Since the covering is moist free and water-resistant, fungi like mould and mildew will not find their way inside the boxes and so they will not develop on the books.

Packing the books

Packing books into the boxesNow that you have gotten the right box size type, you should go on with the packing. If this is your first move, then you're probably wondering how to pack books that have not been damaged during transport. Hardcover and bulkier books should be packed in boxes made with sturdier materials or any small box that can bear their weight. If they are few or you want to pack them together with other small book for easy shelving, it will be good to place few upright against the side of the box as if you are shelving them and some at the bottom before packing the smaller ones. They will act as support to the box.

Pack them together as you want to shelve them

If you want to shelve some particular books together or you want to shelve according to subject matter or authors, you should pack the books accordingly, that is books that will be shelved together should be in the same box. Label them accordingly. This will make it easy for you to shelve the books properly without wasting your time searching for one book in different boxes.

Hiring packing and moving services

There are some movers that specialise in moving books whether private home library or public libraries. Some of those movers do offer packing services in case you are not able to do the packing yourself. You can hire their services. But you should instruct them on how you want your books to be arranged.

Now that you have packed your books, you should hire a good and reliable mover. Before you trust your books to any company, you have to check the company’s profile and reviews to ascertain their reliability and reputation. Do not limit yourself only to the offers of large moving companies, but check also offer of smaller Abingdon man and van teams. You should always get quotes from various companies in order to obtain a good deal and find cheap Oxfordshire removals services.

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