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House removals step by step

Easy house removalsMoving house is a big challenge for most of us. It's not just the transport of personal belongings. There are a lot of responsibilities and tasks that you need to think when planning your Abingdon removals. You should draw up a schedule as it makes removals much easier. As you know - in the throes of hundreds things that are to do before you move, it's easy to forget something. Therefore you cannot just rely on your memory, and better to have  a plan of action so that you can quickly see what still needs to be done. There is no universal plan for removals - everything is dependent on the type of removal, how it will be performed and by who (you may need full service and high quality removals offered by large removal companies or prefer to hire Abingdon man and van service and undertake some of the tasks on your own) - cheap man with van services are better choice in case of smaller moves. It is worth to know and remember - the plan depends on us. Drawing up a plan of removal you can start from writing what you have to do. Finally, you should think of the date of execution of each task and if necessary, switch the order.

Below you can find some essential schedule for moving house (it should be adapted to suit your removal requirements):

Four weeks before the move

  • set the final date for your move,
  • check Oxford moving companies, looking at the bids on the Internet and gathering recommendations from family and friends,
  • make an trip plan for the day of moving - if you are moving to another town, you can order the hotel room if necessary,
  • prepare boxes and other things needed for packaging personal belongings,
  • notify your bank, electricity, gas, water suppliers, cable, Internet, phone providers and other institutions about address change,

Two weeks before moving day

  • start packing less necessary things and clothes, carefully labelling the boxes, (you can get some packing tips from your removal company),
  • make a list of things you want to transport yourself and a list of things that will be transported by moving company,
  • notify post office of your new address and ask them to redirect all letters to the new address,

One week before moving

Moving house belongingsFinish packing and make sure all boxes are described according to their content, and whether all are marked for what room they belong. You should also get rid of unnecessary things, you can sell them, give to local charity or throw away.  If you are moving with children you should arrange childcare for kids on the moving day.



On the moving day

  • pack separately things that you will need in your new home immediately upon arrival: tea, coffee, kettle, cups, water, sandwiches, etc.,
  • make sure that the house is cleaned,
  • collect bedding and attach it to things that are transporting yourself - you can use it on the first night in your new home,
  • check if the moving company employees took all cartons from home,
  • stay at home until the everything is loaded to the transit trucks,
  • close all windows and doors,
  • make sure you have the keys to your new home with you,
  • keep with you your personal items, documents and valuables, to not lose them

At your new house

  • check that all items have arrived at the site without damage,
  • check if there is electricity, gas or phone work - if not, please contact your service provider,
  • start to explore new area: visit shops, a café, a ride a bus, etc.
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