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Moving valuables on your own

Files protectionThere are few things that are worth more than others. While moving you would want those things of value to be secure and safe. The valuable ones could be anything from your much loved souvenirs to your certificates and other documents. The last thing you would want is to see them being damaged by Oxford man and van team members or in the worst case being stolen or lost. The best idea to not have any problems regarding these valuable things of yours is to move them on your or hire top quality removal services only.


Securing valuable items

One thing you need to do is always keep the valuables with yourself. You wouldn’t want any kind of fuss created with the movers or the Oxford moving company regarding the problem with your valuable stuffs. More than that you wouldn’t want your excitement diluted with issues such as these. Things such as your passports, birth certificates, citizenships are the document that is of value to you. Put them all in a single box together and if possible find a way to lock them. If that doesn’t seem possible then tape the box that contains them properly in case you misplaced them or some mover carries them by chance. You better be safe than sorry. You have to take the responsibility of these items yourself, at least that seems to be the best way.  It will also surely save you from unnecessary anxiety and let you concentrate on other problems in hand.

Extra care when moving valuable items

Extra protection for valuable itemsYou need to be careful moving valuable items on your own too. You cannot be loud and all nervous regarding you carrying those stuffs yourself. Keep it concealed and do not let other people know that there is something you are carrying that is of some worth to you. You can keep those things disguised or you can even put it well beneath your other stuffs making sure they don’t get damaged if the circumstance arises where you are not able to carry them yourself. The other precaution you need to apply even while moving them on your own and you are in a car is that you need to lock up the car well. There may be people eyeing for an opportunity like this on a day like this. You will need to be as confident as you can and not exaggerate anything.

Moving jewelries and money

Personal jewelryOther valuable items such as money, jewelries can be even more difficult to protect on the moving process. Even if nothing has happened with these items just the anxiety alone can make your schedule hectic if they are being carried by someone else. You wouldn’t want to be tensed by the protection of these stuffs too much. If you are wondering how to do the packing of your valuables, the good tip is to keep them all in one box or at the same place and tape the box completely. You will need to keep that taped or locked box with you all the time in order to avoid any problem of loss or damage to these valuable items of yours. If you want more safety guaranteed then you can give it off to someone really close like a friend or a family member so that you won’t have to deal with them at least on moving day, but that is another story. You can do it yourself and it just requires a little bit of confidence showing and a little bit of keeping a close eye on things you cherish.

Protecting electronic equipment

Items such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones might also be targeted on a day like this so you need to move these stuffs all by yourself too. Keep them all in one box or one container and like other items lock them or tape them up and keep that box with you all the time.

You will have to be careful, look careful  and act confident while moving your valuables, this way you will surely continue making them a valuable part of your life even in your new home.

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