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Shipping car

While you are planning moving to Australia from Oxford, there are numerous things that you will require to sort out before you leave for your new home. And, in case you have been planning to take your car along, then you must know that this adds a complete new level of complication to the matter, however; within this article you will properly understand exactly what you are required to do before shipping your car to Australia from Oxfordshire.

Shipping Car Documentation

Documentation to ship car to AustraliaThis is the very first thing you have to do here before you start looking for Oxford car shipping service to deliver your vehicle. You should apply for the Vehicle Import Approval application which is also commonly known as the VIA. This will enable the importation of your car into Australia. You must sign up for this application ahead of time as the process generally takes around 4 - 6 weeks to be completed. Once it is done, you have to ensure that you have all the needed paperwork ready, which will allow you to be fully prepared while the shipping service asks you for them.

When you are collecting the necessary paperwork for the particular shipping company, it is important that you keep the Vehicles Registration Certificate (V5C) copies priorly called as the cars logbook, you will also be needing a copy of your car’s Bill of Sale if you are not the first hand owner of your vehicle, a copy of the photo page which is within your passport as your identity proof. Moreover, you are required to provide the authorities with the same sort of identification for your consignee which is that you are having someone to collect the vehicle once it reaches its destination, and you also need to provide a copy of the MOT Certificatification if you want your car to be delivered to the particular port for you by one of the Oxford shipping companies.

Remember also to compare at least few shipping firms to get cheap moving rates. Once you are in contact with the Oxfordshire removals firms, you have to conclude on how you would like to have your car shipped to Australia. This is normally done with one of two different means of shipping that includes Container based and Roll on/Roll off (RoRo) shipping.

Car Shipping Methods

Car deckThe first and very renowned method people opt for when shipping their cars overseas is the RoRo method. In this method, your car will be driven on to specialized RoRo vessels where it is then completely strapped down for the rest of the voyage making the loading procedure exceedingly simple, your car then will be unstrapped and driven off once it has reached its destination.

The other option that is available to people is the container based shipping. This approach happens to be quite costly of the two available options, but it does offer some added features that would not generally be allowed to take the benefit of when shipping using the RoRo, like being able to dispatch your personal items within your car as well as the container.

Shipping Car to Australia

Once your car reaches Australia, the Australian Department for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) will inspect it for cleanliness to ensure that your car is clean and free from plant matter, any seeds or soil. In case, your vehicle does not match the conditions set by the DAFF, then you may have to incur additional cleaning charges, and delays ensuring that your car is 100% clean.

Gather More Information

If you prefer looking out for more information about how to ship your car to Australia, you can browse moving frequently asked questions through the World Wide Web and acquire as much information as you want from the best sources. Make sure the shipping services you opt for comprise of proficient and professional staff to guide you in any possible way they can.

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