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Shipping to Australia from Oxford

Sydney - AustraliaAustralia is one of the most popular, in addition to the USA and Canada, directions of removals from Oxford outside Europe. For those who are thinking about traveling for a longer period of time or about moving to Australia from Oxford, this is a small introduction. The issues of visas and residence, will not be discussed here because it's a big topic for another thread.

So how removals to Australia looks like?

Moving at such a distance is a major logistical operation and is usually associated with considerable costs. The best transport option from Oxford to Australia is sea shipping. For air freight, you should follow  the motto - smaller is better, and forward only the most necessary things, as it is quite expensive method of sending stuff to Australia. There are plenty of Oxford shipping companies that specialize in moving overseas  and are ready to help with sending your stuff even at that distance, however you must be aware of high shipping costs to Australia. Wheterver you live, you can find good firm either in Oxford or hire reliable Banbury removals company and be sure your international removals will be done profesionally and in the shortest possible time. You can request door to door service, or enquiry for port to port shipping and collect your goods from one of the major ports in Australia (Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane). Our advice: always be sure to carefully packing your private stuff to avoid damages during transportation.

20ft sea containerLoads up to 100 ft3 can be easily shipped by air. Shipping firms usually cooperate with several airlines, thus connections are selected to provide the best attainable at any given time, prices of air freight. The advantage is the speed of transport. From receipt of the consignment from any Oxfordshire town for delivery in Australia elapses approximately one week.

Loads 2-8 m3 are normally placed in transport crates (so called lift-vans) and transported collectively in shipping containers.

Loads over 8 m3 are usually transported in containers individually. Standard containers are sized 20ft or 40ft (approx 33m3 respectively and 66m3). In case of particularly large removals, moving firms use "high cube" containers with a capacity of 80 m3. Shipping by sea to Australia from Oxfordshire takes usually 6-8 weeks.

What can you take with you to Australia? Is it possible and is it worth it to take equipment such as TV, computer, etc? Do I have to pay customs duty?

The important thing to remember: there is a large category of products that cannot be imported into Australia. First of all, almost all the products of both plant and animal origin. To see the details and the applicable duty, please can visit the DAFF website   (in terms of authorized products and quarantine) and Customs ( The general rule is that the immigrant has the right to bring his private belongings to Australia without paying customs. As part of the belongings may include all items used for a normal family in  everyday life.

Please follow the common sense. For example, if family of three  arrives to Australia and brings five big, new LCD TVs, the customs officer may think that three or four TVs are for sale. In this case, you may need to pay duties. Goods of greater value, such as cars, boats, machinery, etc. are treated differently and if you brings them without paying duty and then resold in Australia before specified time, you will still have to pay duty. It should be counted as accurately as possible, is it worth it or not.

What to be prepared in Australia?

AustraliaThe heat. Hot weather does not bypass the majority of Australia (maybe except Tasmania), so you should be prepared that it will be really warm. The further North you go the warmer. North-East coast (Queensland) and the North is a tropical climate, so it is not only warm but also humid and muggy. Air conditioning is essential, both in the car and more often in the apartments.

Different culture. Overall, Australians are very relaxed, less formal in their habits. Smile more frequently, talks to strangers and of course all are 'on You ". In Australia, there is another way up to observe the law (especially road) which is treated very seriously (and punished as well).

That is dry and brown. While there are more green and drier regions of Australia, generally speaking, Australian green is ... less green. For lovers of greenery, the first impression can be quite daunting. Fortunately, it is compensated by blue skies, beaches, palm trees and the ocean.

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