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Professional fleet of transit trucks key to professional shipping.

Useful transit vehicles!

Modern moving vanMoving firms handle modern fleet of trucks so they are greatly invented for the heaviest and the most complicated duties from Abingdon to any place in the UK. The Luton vans are professionally created to the farthest routes - even international removals from Abingdon Transit vans appropriate for the removals mission are completely equipped with the essential transport equipment, what herald that any removals effort is planned hand down, employing all needful security methods. They are very large, with special handles, belts to think that your home things will be conveyed carefully. Our fleet is continually expanding with untouched vehicles. This way, your property will be relocated in a sheltered environment. 

Some key utilities:

  • vans provident for wider extent cargo are fully equipped with lifts,
  • only container body transit vans are used, what deeply protects the shipment from the weather and restricts third-party access,
  • majority transit trucks have wariety of moving equipment (ie. hand dispenser for stretch wrap,DVD boxes,polythene armchair covers) to watch over your belongings
  • our transit vehicles have on board loading ramps which allows safe loading and unloading your stuff,
  • majority out our fleet are fully equipped with GPS to easy seek out each trucks at any second

Moving vehicles classification

Small vehicles Medium vehicles Large vehicles
Smallest type of trucks, usually to transport only not to heavy laod, used for short routes. Vehicles classified as small have usulally gross weight < 14.000 lbs

Medium duty vehicles with GVW up to 33.000 lbs  are usually used for suburban transportation and light cargo. Trucks with a gross weight > 33,000 lbs. Used for farthest routes and the heaviest cargo load. That category include also tractor trailer trucks.

Small van Medium van Heavy truck



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