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Living in the country vs living in the city

Young people in the cityLife in the country for many people seems idyllic , devoid of worries, quiet and peaceful. Living in the country give us fresh air and healthy water, peace and quiet, Without unnecessary traffic and noise, without any issues and concerns, Oxfordshire countryside would seem like a perfect place to live, special and one of a kind. However  living in the country has some disadvantages. Its quiet and peaceful  place, that’s true, but there are no perspectives for a good school, interesting job, cultural life, discos and everything that  for young people is enjoyable. This is why everybody is  looking for the best place to live. Young people are moving to the city and start their education in high school and later in the college. City opens for them a new opportunity for personal growth. It is a noticeable trend in the market of Oxfordshire removals, where a large part of the customers are young people looking for either companies that specialize in student removals services or Oxford man and van firms offering cheap moving services in Oxford area.

Opportunities for young people in cities

Opportunity for youIn the city there is  movement, rush, dirty air, sometimes even smog. However, school and work are available in the Oxford city. Without them, we are missing opportunities and perspectives for life. But in the countryside, no IBM, Hewlett Packard, banks do not open their own offices. In the countryside, you can work in the grocery store, sometimes we can have an outwork or perform work remotely. There is no more possibilities, and because of this young people are moving to Oxfordshire cities, to gain professional experience. Countryside does not provide such opportunities, well  what can we find in  there? House, field, garden and quiet. Of course you can stay in the countryside, have there your corner and asylum, but the work definitely will be available in the city, where there are the best opportunities for development.

If you're ready for the challenge, you want to experience the urban way of life, eg in Bicester, do not hesitate to take the risk - pack your stuff, hire local Bicester removals firm to help you with moving and start your adventure in the urban jungle.

City life advantages

In the city besides the thriving cultural life is available personal development, libraries, reading rooms, bookstores, all services: barber, beautician, shoemaker. In these places you can count on  what the young person is needed to live. Discos and entertainment are at a high level. Everyone needs fun and a chance for good life. In the city, you can rent an apartment or buy new home very easily. Even small and cramped, but your own house it is what each of us definitely needs. A small apartment in the city can be quite a good choice.

In the city we can  frequently change work,  be not afraid that the loss of a job means big problems. In the countryside change is impossible, and the city is sometimes even 50-60 kilometers away. Commuting is tiring, it consume money but also your valuable time for yourself and for the family. Travelling to your workplace from the country takes time and health. Not everyone can afford it, in this situation, moving to the city is the only option. Especially when young people have small children who need to be drive to school and on extracurricular activities, also the childcare in Oxfordshire cities is at a high level. A modern man tends to simplify their lives and function in better conditions than those which had so far.

Reasons for moving to the cities

Young woman before moving to the cityTo sum up, young people move to cities in search of perspectives and opportunities. This allows them to work, have a social and cultural life, walk to the disco. The young man is usually dynamic and such dynamism can manifest in the city while in the countryside he feels uncomfortable, uninspired and  doesn’t have opportunities. Oxford, Basildon, Banbury, Abingdon - these Oxfordshire cities are associated with the development and many opportunities and life chances. Countryside is stagnation, apathy and lack of opportunities for development. That's why young people leave the countryside and move to the cities where they feel like fish in water – freely. Life in the cities is optimal for a young man. In the country you can spend a weekend, but do not your life.

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